Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

July was new to trampling, and she wanted to perfect her skills. So she looked for a slave and then with her high heeled boots, she descended on his chest and stomach and trampled it without any mercy. She removed her feet and practised dominating and trampling her with her bare feet, bringing the full weight of her body to bear on his poor body and inflicted a lot of pain in the process.

Brooke is a great wrestler, just like Chadam came to find out. She pinned Chadam to the floor, and instead of leaving her alone because she had won, she went on to trample on her face with her ass and make her smell her dirty and sweaty ass. She wanted to humiliate and punish her for doubting that she was the stronger of the two wrestlers and for making her have to prove it.

Mistress Maeva does not play around when it comes to domination and punishing her slaves. She took this slave and went threw him down on the grass before trampling his mouth hard with her heels then forcing his leg into his mouth. She wanted to show him who was boss and also humiliate and punish him so that he can know better than to show any disrespect to her in the future.

Miss Atrax was paid to punish this slave, and she wanted to do a good job. So she stripped him naked and then tied his balls to a rope which she pulled. She then tied him up and then whipped him till he bled. She took his balls and trampled on them until he cried out in pain. But this only strengthened her resolve and showed her that she was on the right track.

Mistress Svenja was asked for a favor by her co worker. But before agreeing to it, she wanted one herself. She had heard about trampling, and she wanted to try it out. So her colleague came and then she got on top of his naked top half of the body and trampled on him with her high heels. She was at first scared about the pain she inflicted, but she brushed it off and started enjoying it.

Mistress Emily was explaining to her friends Isabel, Kacie, Alex and Modesty on how to become a domination expert. So they got a slave and then she started demonstrating to her how it is done. She made her friend hold the legs of the slave and then started trampling and smothering her face with her ass. She did this and asked the others to come out and try their hand.

Angelique's friend Saskia had wronged her, and she wanted to pay her back. She hatched a plan and then executed it to perfection. She pretended to have fun with her, but once they were all naked, she tied her up and then made her smell, lick and sniff her dirty and sweaty ass. She wanted to smother her and suffocate her with her ass which she had not wiped to teach her a lesson.

Nicole had been watching too many BDSM movies, and she was hooked on trampling. She invited her boyfriend over and asked him to try a new fetish she had. He thought it would be awesome, but soon found out that it was at his expense. She trampled and smothered on him with her high heels. When the pain was too much for him, she removed them and used her bare feet to trample his chest and face.

Princess Nikki was bored at home, and so she decided to have some fun. Knowing how hot she is and the attention she commands from guys, she called over two guys and had fun humiliating them. First of all, she peed into a bottle and then had one guy drink it. She then peed into the mouth of the other one. Finally, she made them lick and suck her toes.

This guy has a foot fetish. He saw two friends together and went up to them and asked them whether she could smell their feet. Demonia and Kahina agreed, and they enjoyed making him smell their smelly, sweaty and dirty socks. But before that, they tortured him by making him lick their shoes. They liked it so much and they trampled his face with their feet. He had awoken a monster in them.

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