Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Lisa knows she has stinky feet but she doesn't care. She hates it when her feet are cold but she has a wonderful solution. To warm her feet, she calls her slave to her and sits a chair on top of him. She rubs her bare feet all over his face. She knows that her foot odor gags him but she doesn't care. She wants her feet warmed and his face is the perfect temperature.

When Emma found out about facesitting, she found a new game. She learned that when she wore leather pants and sat on her slave's face, he struggled harder. After a long day at work, she came home and changed into her favorite leather pants. She was happy to sit her round ass in his face and listen to him moan and beg for relief. She enjoys her little game and won't let up until she is tired.

When her slave wouldn't stop begging for her ass, she gave it to him. She stripped him down to his underwear and put the loser mask on him. She ordered him to the floor and walked over to him in a black negligee. Instead of stripping and riding his dick, she sat on it. She heard his moans of pain and continued to bounce on his dick, never letting up. She doesn't like a begging slave and he has learned not to do it.

When Mysteria puts on her red boots, her slave knows he is in trouble. She pulls her slave to her by his hair and makes him suck the heel of her boot like he would suck her rubber dick. She then orders him to the ground so that she can walk up and down his body. She knows it's painful but it's not something that will stop her. She presses her heels into his delicate skin and laughs at his pain. She love her red boots.

When Mistress Isabella comes home to find a naked man in her bed, she is horrified. She looked at the tiny dick that was waiting for her and immediately laughed. Instead of telling him to get out, she put her high heels on and started to trample it. She doesn't care that it hurts him. She doesn't care that he is begging for her sweet pussy. He has to be punished for thinking she would want something so little in her body.

Danielle loves pampering her feet. She met this guy and saw him as the perfect one to do it. She went home with him and made him lick her feet and suck her toes

Sibilla's trampling and smothering game had become rusty. She planned to polish it up. She took her slave and faecesat on him, farted on him and made him almost choke

This guy loves Krista's ass. She liked to wrestle and they would wrestle then the guy allows himself to be defeated and smothered with her ass. It was a win win for both of them

Cassandra and her boyfriend have weird fetishes. This time, they were trying foot fetishes. She made him lick her stinky feet and smelly socks

Tingting was mad at her boyfriend for staring at other girls. As his punishment, she trampled on his face with her stinky feet and socks

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