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Lady Sue loves to read. And what better place to read than comfortably seated on the face of one of her slaves? She begins by sitting on his face in her designer jeans, squatting with her sexy high heels on either side of his head. Then, she strips off her jeans and shoes so she can smother him with her full weight on his face while she enjoys her book.

When Ingrid Frost decides to play, she plays with a bare pussy. She calls her slave to her and sits her bare pussy on his face. She tells him it's his job to get her hot and lick her pink slit. When he does that, she is happy with his performance. As she tells him what she liked, she rubs her feet all over his face. When the session is over, she pees in his mouth.

Jasmine was in a nasty mood, and she needed to let off some steam. So she went home and got a slave whom she degraded and humiliated. She enticed him with her beautiful naked body and when he thought he was getting some, she sat on his face and forced him to lick her dirty ass. He also had to sniff the smelly ass in addition to being forced to gasp for air.

Mistress Emma is a sexy brunette mistress that decides to have some fun with her loser slave Chris in an amateur facesitting wrestling match. This sexy mistress now has him on the floor as she sits on top of his face as she smothers him with her sexy round ass. She is wearing a pair of blue panties and she pulls them slightly down so she can smothers his face with her sexy bare ass.

This sexy tatto girl smothers her slave as she sits on top pf his face with her painted on blue jeans. The slave gets to breathe in sexy tatto girls jeans ass as he cannot escape from underneath her sexy ass. She relaxes on top of her human chair checking out a etxt message on her cell phone as her slave struggles to breathe underneath her sexy jeans ass and pussy

Here the sexy Mistress Katja has decided she needs to do some new kinds of exercises and has developed her very own: performing brutal buttdrops onto her willing victim. She launches herself into the air, landing with her full weight directly onto her slave's face, her hot ass smothering his mouth and nose. She is causing him such pain that he protests but this does nothing to stop her vicious exercise.

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