Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Lady Milena is not happy. Her money slave has displeased her. She yells at him for not paying her enough money, so she yells at him, slaps him, and forces him to kiss the soles of her shoes. Then she kicks him in the face. And then she pushes him down and stands barefoot on his worthless face. No one crosses Lady Milena on a contract... NO ONE.

Laura treats her slave, Mark, to a round of stomping on his face with her white high heels. She tramples his head over and over while he flinches in pain from her pointed heels. She crushes his head into the floor over and over, poking her sharp heels into his neck, ear, and face. Mark's pain is obvious throughout, but he can't do a thing about it.

She's sexy in her peasant blouse and simple skirt. He's helpless as she flashes her sexy white panties. A moment later, she is grabbing his head and mashing his face into her crotch, riding it in her panties, then taking them off and ripping a whole in her white fishnet tights so he can lick her cunt an smother in her fragrant juices. Finally, she finishes by squatting on his face in a full on facesitting!

A blonde young woman tortures her bound boy-toy, teasing and tormenting him, then kicking him while he's down. When he squirms into a different pose, she stands on top of the worm with her full weight, trampling his torso and face. She casually smokes a cigarette while she enjoys her domination, then flicks her ash on him before spitting on the pale, skinny submissive boy. Finally, she squats on his back, letting him enjoy her full weight once more.

Good help is so hard to find! Lady Sue rewards her slave by dominating him while wearing black and red lingerie and black boots. But he's no good at the job she wants him to do: to kiss and worship her boots with her tongue. Lady Sue tries to teach him, patiently, with a boot to the back of his neck, but then she has to stand up and strike him with the riding crop to correct his sloppy work.

Mistress Melisa knows that not everyone can take the pain she dishes out. She starts by crushing her poor slave's cock and balls with her bare feet. His erect cock shows that he loves the attention! After she emasculates the worthless worm, she treats him to a special massage, walking up and down on his body and treating him like a human carpet. She uses her full weight to punish him with her divine bare feet.

Lady Milena knows you want to be her toilet. She brings you and her friend, Lady Sheyla to the disco, where they drink and dance. But, after all that time on the filthy club's floor, they need to have their sexy high heels cleaned. That's where you come into the story. In this hot POV clip, they order you to lick and kiss the soles of their shoes, despite the coating of slime that they've picked up in the club and in the bathroom.

Laura knows just what her slave, Mark, needs. This mature lady tromps up and down on Marks head and neck in her high heel shoes, mashing his face painfully into the floor. Mark writhes and squirms under her pointed heels. He must know he's going to be punished even more for moving, but Laura seems to enjoy his pathetic behavior. Maybe she'll leave marks on his face. Maybe she'll leave a more permanent mark!

Home from the gym, Madame Marissa needs some foot love. She calls in her foot-boy, who cleans the soles of her sneakers, then sniffs and kisses her sock-covered feet. She steps on his head, then rubs her smelly socks on his face. Madame Marissa lets him have the socks in his mouth as a special treat. Then, she peels off her socks and puts her gorgeous feet back on his face. Finally, he can kiss and worship them as he should.

Cruel Megan is so desirable that pathetic submissives will pay to have her ruin their balls with her pointed white leather boots. This fat piece of crap insults her by only paying $10 per kick. Cruel Megan takes the money and punishes him with a shot to the testicles that cripple him! He falls to the ground as Cruel Megan taunts him and then DESTROYS his pathetic manhood by kicking him while he's down. Will you be Cruel Megan's next eunuch?

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