Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Miss Atrax is one of the meanest dominatrix's around. She loves to do mean things to her slaves. Her slave is going to find out that Miss Atrax means business when she is mad and dominating. Miss Atrax will humiliate her slave, and let him know he doesn't mean jack shit to her. She will enjoy watching the slave's nipples stretch from all the torture.

Mistress Leah is a very thick ebony woman with the best smothering skills ever. She takes pride in her ability to sit on the face of her slave, and not give a shit if he can't breath. She will face sit on him for as long as she wants, and if he even makes a sound, she will just stand up and slap the shit out of him.

A very hot mistress went on a long day of shopping. When she got home, she decided it was time to make her pathetic slave clean her boots. The mistress will get her boots cleaned by her slave. He will take his time and clean them right, so he doesn't upset his mistress. She might even take a piss on him if she is in the mood.

Lady Silvi is a very pretty mistress with great feet. She is excellent at making her slaves go nuts with her perfect feet. She is hoping one of her slaves will beg her just enough to come to her home and worship her toes. She loves the feeling of foot worship, and thinks every slave should know how to do the ideal job in foot worshiping.

Sexy Mistress Svenja is a sexy blonde mistress wearing black fishnet stockings with a pink and black bra and panties as she has some fun with her loser slave. She is wearing a pair of black high heels as she gets on top of her slave and tramples him with her sharp heels and crushes him with her full weight. She walks up and down his entire body and leaves red marks all over his body.

Mistress Emma is a sexy brunette mistress that decides to have some fun with her loser slave Chris in an amateur facesitting wrestling match. This sexy mistress now has him on the floor as she sits on top of his face as she smothers him with her sexy round ass. She is wearing a pair of blue panties and she pulls them slightly down so she can smothers his face with her sexy bare ass.

Officer Mandy is a sexy brunette officer wearing a sexy uniform with black pantyhose as she confronts a loser salesman about a thousand dollars worth of unpaid parking tickets. He laughs at her and says no and does not take her seriously at all so she has to show her how serious she is. She takes him and brutally slaps him over and over again with her strong hands until he pays his fines.

Domina Victoria is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a sexy black dress that decides to have some fun with their loser slave. She has him wearing a mask over his eyes and she is wearing a black collar with a leash as she orders him over to her like the loser dog that he is. She then sits on a table and spreads his legs apart and pisses into his mouth and makes him drink her fresh hot golden nectar.

What makes Mistress Kitty happy is making her slaves groan. She takes her favorite slave out for a walk and lays him down on a trail. She spits in his face and begins to walk all over him. She digs her heels into his face, steps on his balls and walks with her full weight up and down his body. She loves the way it feels to make him squirm.

After a long day out, Hailey comes home and doesn't want to walk on her nice hardwood floors. She has been walking in snow and ice and doesn't want to clean the mess. She calls her slave into the room and she walks on him. She puts her salty, icy boot in his face and makes him lick the mess off her boots. When she's done, he can smell her socks and help her warm them up.

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