Savage Femdom

Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

Princess Nikki was bored at home, and so she decided to have some fun. Knowing how hot she is and the attention she commands from guys, she called over two guys and had fun humiliating them. First of all, she peed into a bottle and then had one guy drink it. She then peed into the mouth of the other one. Finally, she made them lick and suck her toes.

This guy has a foot fetish. He saw two friends together and went up to them and asked them whether she could smell their feet. Demonia and Kahina agreed, and they enjoyed making him smell their smelly, sweaty and dirty socks. But before that, they tortured him by making him lick their shoes. They liked it so much and they trampled his face with their feet. He had awoken a monster in them.

Sibilla has an ass to die for. She has a great figure and a great ass. And she likes to make other people smell her ass and lick it sometimes. On this time, she forced her slave to smell her dirty, smelly and sweaty ass. She smothered her face with her ass and the poor slave had no option but to endure the humiliation and pray that it ends quickly.

Sabrina and Shanya were having an argument about who was the better wrestler. So they decided to settle it out physically. As soon as they started wrestling, Sabrina pinned Shanya down and won the contest. But she wanted to teach her a lesson. So she smothered her face with her ass and made her smell her lady juices and smell her pussy and ass. She was powerless with the strong Sabrina pinning her down.

Mistress Janas wanted to celebrate her achievement, but did not want to do it the conventional way. So she got a slave and enjoyed inflicting pain on him. Sh e trampled on him with her high heels before removing them to smother and trample his face with her bare feet. She also made him smell her sweaty and smelly feet. He was in pain and in discomfort but she did not care.

If there is anyone who can serve the most severe form of punishment, then it has to be Miss Atrax. Woe unto you if she decides to punish you. As a sadist, she does not feel anything. She's actually happy when you're in pain. For this slave, she had him naked then trampled his balls and his dick with her high heels. She also did the same for his fingers. Not yet done, she whipped his naked body and then tied him up and pinched his balls and pulled his balls. The pain he felt was excruciating.

Murderotica is a woman that loves to pus things as far as they will go. She loves to put her slave on a table that leaves his head hanging off. When he is positioned just right, she climbs on top of him and puts her sock covered feet in his face. She is happy to watch him struggle to breathe. She takes her socks off and smothers him with her bare feet.

When Saphira is angry, she makes sure her slave knows it. She told her slave that he was to have her home spotless and her dry cleaning done. He wasn't finished by the time that she got home and she couldn't entertain like she planned to. When she saw this, she tied him down to the punishment table, slapping him and telling him how worthless he is. When she had him tied down, she got her flogger and went to work on him.

When Goddess Megan brings her friend around, she loves to teach them how to abuse her slave. She knows that he hasn't done anything to deserve their anger but that doesn't stop her. She knows that her friend loves to have her feet played with so she puts her slave to work. First she makes him strip off is pants and boxers. They are happy to kick him in the balls and dick. Once they have him on his knees, they make him lick and sniff their feet.

When Svenja wants to play, she calls her foot slave. She ties his hands up and makes sure that he is on the floor with no way to escape. She takes off her shoes and makes sure she strolls through a disgusting part of her house to get her feet filthy. She then puts her feet all in her slave's face. She makes him clean her filthy feet with her mouth and nothing else.

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