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Lady Eva has to go to bathroom really badly but she doesn't want to waste any of it. Her slave has been a bad boy lately so she has a plan. She pees all of her delicious nectar into a cup. she gives it to her slave and makes sure he drinks every drop of her golden juice. he drinks every drop gladly and can't wait for more of it.

These two princess had a new fetish, and it involved pissing on other people. They would go and flirt with guys, and being hot, they had all the attention they wanted. Guys who thought that they would get lucky with them would them be made to drink their piss and then lick the last drops of pee from their pussies. Few did not like it, but most of them did.

When a mistress is angry, she will punish her slave. She doesn't care if she has to punish her slaves at home or in public. When she uses piss as her punishment, she pulls her skirt up and pisses in his face. She doesn't care if it goes into his mouth, eyes or anywhere else. When she is in public, she normally pulls her panties aside and she pisses on his mouth. There are times that she is home naked and tanning and she will squirt her piss all over his worthless body.

Domina Victoria is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a sexy black dress that decides to have some fun with their loser slave. She has him wearing a mask over his eyes and she is wearing a black collar with a leash as she orders him over to her like the loser dog that he is. She then sits on a table and spreads his legs apart and pisses into his mouth and makes him drink her fresh hot golden nectar.

There are times that a slave has been perfect and deserves a treat. Mistress Madaira is one that doesn't mind treating her slaves. She pisses into a hurricane glass and gives it to her slave to drink. She knows he enjoys a glass of hot piss when he has been good so she lets him wash it out of her bare pussy into the jar. She watches him drain the glass happily.

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