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When a mistress is angry, she will punish her slave. She doesn't care if she has to punish her slaves at home or in public. When she uses piss as her punishment, she pulls her skirt up and pisses in his face. She doesn't care if it goes into his mouth, eyes or anywhere else. When she is in public, she normally pulls her panties aside and she pisses on his mouth. There are times that she is home naked and tanning and she will squirt her piss all over his worthless body.

This dominant mistress loves femdom just as much as her man slave does. She is completely naked, her beautiful shaved pussy clear as day, as she blasts her toilet slave with hot piss. He drinks her urine without thinking twice, loving every delicious drop of it. This mistress has big tits that will make your mouth water as you watch her drain her tight cunt dry. Enjoy!

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