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Krystal is a mistress that knows how to work her slave. She knows that a hard day of shopping and working has made her sweaty and and hot. She puts her ass down on his face, pressing hard. She humiliates him by farting in his face and making him sniff and smell her sweaty ass. She takes her pants off and gives him a stronger odor to endure. It's his punishment.

Two hot babes, one blonde and one latina, love to be bitches towards guys. They walk around barefoot at the park and laugh at their slave as he licks their dirty feet clean. He sucks on their nasty toes until they are clean. The girls find it hilarious at how pathetic males are. They will do anything just to touch an inch of their beautiful bodies, even their feet!

Manuela is wearing white jean shorts and is sitting on her slaves face trying to make it flat as she pushes his nose deep into her ass as she rubs and grinds her ass into his face to try to make it flat. She sits on his face with her jeans pussy and works her hips to grind it hard against his face and no matter how hard he tries he can not get free from her ass.

Princess Melena is a sexy Russian babe that has a new American slave and as she starts to tease her slave she realizes that he has a tiny cock. His cock looks like it should be on a child and even when it is hard it is not even big enough for her to feel in her wet pussy. She makes it clear as she humiliates him that he will never fuck her. Ever!

Mitia is about to retire and he wants to go out with a bang and he has Sasha sit on his face wearing tight latex pants. Sasha poses in all sorts of different positions as she sits on his face and smothers him with her latex pussy. She then spreads her legs wide apart and rubs her covered pussy all over his face as she sits on his slave face.

Princess Sexy Jenny is sitting on a black chair wearing a black tank top and blue jeans with black boots. She lights up her cigarette and tells you that you are going to be her ash tray as she commands for you to lay down on the floor and open your eyes so she can blow the smoke in your face and open your mouth so she ash into it.

There's nothing hotter than watching a slave being forced to do things he doesn't want to do. Take this lucky guy. His humiliation is extreme in this femdom movie, where he is forced to lick dirty high heel boots clean after they have been worn for hours on end. These high heels are beautiful, and this foot slave loves cleaning them. He even gets his loser mouth spit in, for good measure.

Long blonde hair flows over her shoulder as she sits on the public toilet. Katja's slave is lying flat on his back beneath her and she is covering his face with a wad of her thick saliva. Her spit slave dares not to say anything because she will easily turn up her public humiliation. It doesn't bother her when men come into the bathroom and see what's going on, they secretly want to become her spit slave too.

Megan has a little anger problem and she decides to take it out on the closest person - her boyfriend. She makes him pull his pants down and she uses her sexy feet to kick him dead in his balls crushing them and sending him painfully on his knees. Continuing his punishment he licks her dirty feet that has rocks and dust stuck to the bottoms.

Mistress Katja just wants to relax at the end of her day and the only way she can think of is having her loser foot slave go through some humiliation. On his knees he sniffs the bottoms of her high heels before stuffing her toes with the stockings on in his mouth. She wiggles her sexy feet in his mouth until he gags while she sits back on the couch and doesn't give a damn.

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