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Mistress Emily was explaining to her friends Isabel, Kacie, Alex and Modesty on how to become a domination expert. So they got a slave and then she started demonstrating to her how it is done. She made her friend hold the legs of the slave and then started trampling and smothering her face with her ass. She did this and asked the others to come out and try their hand.

Sibilla has an ass to die for. She has a great figure and a great ass. And she likes to make other people smell her ass and lick it sometimes. On this time, she forced her slave to smell her dirty, smelly and sweaty ass. She smothered her face with her ass and the poor slave had no option but to endure the humiliation and pray that it ends quickly.

Kacie has just joined a trampling domination site and is picked on by two bigger, taller girls Candy and Emily. The two mistresses show their domination over young Kacie by standing on her with their full weight. They take turns trampling and stomping on her throat and all Kacie can do is just lay there and take it. She gets off on the humiliation from the two sexy and mean girls.

Teodora and Sibilla,dressed in their white tights ride the face of the skinny girl. They look very hot in their tight white stretch pants as they stick their asses and pussies right into her face and ride back and forth making skinny girl smell their their beautiful pussies and ass holes. The sexy long haired brunettes take full advantage of their skinny girl slave and ride her face till they come.

Alex and Olive are two extremely hot and sexy babes. Their slave is a total loser and they always make fun of him being fat. He is going to find out what it is like to have the ass's of two hot girls on his face. The ladies will take turns riding his pathetic face and giving him a good dose of their lady scent all over him.

Mistress Alice is a woman that knows she is the one running the show. Alice knows that her slave needs to be punished and she takes pleasure in punishing him. She dresses in her tightest tights and presses the full weight of her ass into his face. She humiliates him by changing different positions and pressing into his face. She loves facesitting and punishing him. He seems to like it too because he keeps acting up.

This pathetic slave gets multiple blows by the sexy blonde and brunette duo of Emily and Maggie. The girls rain down blows on top of this slave while he lies in the tub. They are dressed in their eye catchig two piece bathing suits making the slave thoroughly aroused but there is nothing he can do about it. All he can is lie naked i the tub with the cold water on

Mitia is about to retire and he wants to go out with a bang and he has Sasha sit on his face wearing tight latex pants. Sasha poses in all sorts of different positions as she sits on his face and smothers him with her latex pussy. She then spreads her legs wide apart and rubs her covered pussy all over his face as she sits on his slave face.

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