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When Ingrid Frost decides to play, she plays with a bare pussy. She calls her slave to her and sits her bare pussy on his face. She tells him it's his job to get her hot and lick her pink slit. When he does that, she is happy with his performance. As she tells him what she liked, she rubs her feet all over his face. When the session is over, she pees in his mouth.

Mina is happy with her new slave. She doesn't want to hurt him, only play kinky games with him. Before her beach date, she calls her slave to her bed. She has a new bikini on and sits on her slave's face. She loves making her slave smell her ass and pussy. She loves the way he has to breathe hard in order to survive the episode. When she is finished, she is ready for her date and her slave can recover.

Candy and Aurora enjoy being glamazons. They enjoy looking good. To make their lives easier they took Kacie in as their slave. They know she doesn't like it but they found a way to keep her under control. When she gets a little too mouthy, they sit their round asses on her face. They enjoy smothering her tiny face with their perfectly round asses. They don't care about smothering her, only about keeping her in line.

When Beauty Lang gets her first female slave, she has to find a way to intimidate and break her in. She loves the idea of having a tiny woman to dominate. Instead of yelling at her, Beauty Lang gave her the rules as she walked all over her new slave. She trampled her slave with her full weight and when she was done, she sat and talked to her. While she spoke to her slave, she was happy to nudge her with her sock covered feet.

When she catches her maid in her panties and corset, she knows that she has to teach her a lesson. She takes her maid slave over to the punishment bar and ties her. She pulls down the ill fitting panties and grabs her cane. When she started tanning her ass, she listened to the pitiful cries that came about. She was happy to teach the maid the errors of her ways. When she is done, the maid learned a lesson and was left with a red and blistered ass.

Lisa knows she has stinky feet but she doesn't care. She hates it when her feet are cold but she has a wonderful solution. To warm her feet, she calls her slave to her and sits a chair on top of him. She rubs her bare feet all over his face. She knows that her foot odor gags him but she doesn't care. She wants her feet warmed and his face is the perfect temperature.

When Mysteria puts on her red boots, her slave knows he is in trouble. She pulls her slave to her by his hair and makes him suck the heel of her boot like he would suck her rubber dick. She then orders him to the ground so that she can walk up and down his body. She knows it's painful but it's not something that will stop her. She presses her heels into his delicate skin and laughs at his pain. She love her red boots.

Nikki was challenged to a fight by this guy. She refused at first but he insisted. She agreed and beat him up within minutes with her head scissors and sleeper holds

Julie had graduated from punishing male slaves to female ones. She climbed this slave like a pony and enjoyed doing all sorts of things on her

Pink did not like this guy's big mouth. She wanted to teach him a lesson never to talk about her. She choked him and head locked him till he begged for mercy and promised never to do it

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