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This sexy amateur babe decides that she is absolutely going to punish her friend. She makes her come to the gym with her and that is where they begin to wrestle with each other. She absolutely punishes her friend on the mat because she has wrestled many of women in the past and she knows how to humiliate them on the mat. She sits right on her face, smothering her.

These two women are punishing and humiliating this poor muscled man. He may be so strong on the outside, but these mistresses are going to humiliate him until he almost cries. They sit back on the couch and they make fun of the small cock that hangs between his legs. They make him come over and become their foot slave. They make him lick all over their dirty boots while laughing.

This mistress is definitely not going to show any mercy to this man. It is her day off work, so she decides to enjoy the outdoors and take her loser slave for a walk. She gets her boots all dirty and that is when she decides she is going to punish and humiliate her foot slave to maker herself feel better. She trampled all over him with her sexy feet.

This loser slave may have some muscles, but he is definitely no match for this hottie. She makes him lie down on the bed and that is when she decides she is going to punish and humiliate him. She lowers her round ass down on top of his face, right over top of his nose so he can smell her smelly asshole. She crushes his nose and he can't breathe.

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