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With her ass, this mistress made sure that this guy was in a lot of pain and that he choked. She did this with her ass as she facesat him and she covered his face with her butt. He was humiliated and he never forgot what the mistress did to him. He cried but she did not care about anything that he felt because she wanted him to feel pain and humiliation.

This loser slave may have some muscles, but he is definitely no match for this hottie. She makes him lie down on the bed and that is when she decides she is going to punish and humiliate him. She lowers her round ass down on top of his face, right over top of his nose so he can smell her smelly asshole. She crushes his nose and he can't breathe.

Sexy blonde mistress decides to put her ass slave to the test in this sexy facesitting video. She makes him get into her sitting box and that is where he becomes a living seat. She puts her ass right on top of his face, crushing him and ramming his nose right into her wet pussy. He can barely breathe but when he does he is forced to smell her smelly pussy.

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