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Cruel femdoms dominate their slaves

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Anna loves the sight of a man in pain. Add tears and she's the happiest woman on earth, especially if she was the one that caused the tears. She humiliated and tortured this loser and watched him cry and beg for forgiveness

Every Monday Candy and Aurora call their slave Kacie to them. They are happy to turn on their favorite music and dance through the house. At the end of their music Mondays, these beauties take turns trampling Kacie to the beat of the music. They don't care about hurting her. They only want to enjoy the music as it plays. When they are done, Kacie is left trampled and hurt.

Nicole took this slave to her bedroom and shoved him under the chair where he could not have room to resist. Then she trampled him with her bare feet and dominated him

This girl does not like to play around. She's great at karate and often uses it to punish bullies. She likes to show them that they are nothing

Luciana wanted to establish her dominance. So she took out a cigarette and lit it then used a pipe attached to the slave's mouth and blew smoke into it without any care in the world

This guy was peeping through the window to try and see his crush naked. But she caught him and the punishment was severe. She kicked him hard in the nuts and made him cry out in pain

This guy touched Megan's butt and she was pissed. She pretended to like it and lured the guy to her place. She then beat him up. She kicked him in the nuts and trampled them with her heels

Lady Latoria wanted to show her slave who was boss and she did it in style. She made him strip naked and then slapped him severally. SHe then took his dick and pulled it. She was thinking of trampling it

Lady Steffi is a sadist. She took the dick of her slave and trampled it with her high heels mercilessly. She loved his cries of pain and enjoyed how he begged for forgiveness

Mistress Erina was mad at her slave and it showed in how she treated him. She sat on him and caused him a great deal of discomfort. She then went on to make him smell her stinking shoes and trample his face with her smelly feet

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